Japanese Art Print Plucking a Branch from a Neighbor’s Plum Tree by Suzuki Harunobu


Japanese Art print by Suzuki Harunobu depicts Plucking a Branch from a Neighbor’s Plum Tree

This print is an excellent example of Harunobu’s artistic taste reflecting tenderness and exquisiteness of figures. Casting off her sandals, a young woman has climbed onto her maid’s back to break off a branch of a plum tree growing over a tall wall with a tiled ridge. The two women are elegant and gentle despite their tomboyish behavior. The rigid and monotonous pattern of bricks in the fence is a foil for the graceful figures. Despite Harunobu’s depiction of these two young women as innocent, the expression “plucking a branch of plum blossoms” typically refers to a fashionably dressed female. The young woman wears a kimono (furisode) with hanging sleeves and a design of snow-clad bamboo. Her elaborately tied obi, or sash, has a scrolling floral pattern.

Size: 210 mm x 297mm



Please note the frame is for illustration purposes only, it’s there to give you an idea of how great this looks in one. This reprint will be provided to you on high quality card and sent in a card backed envelope to avoid bending in the post. All are prints use original high quality canon inks to avoid any fading.

About The Artist Suzuki Harunobu

  • Suzuki Harunobu born in Japan, and lived from 1725 to 1770.


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